Meet the real sharks: Kalpana & Uma Jha

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Meet the real sharks: Kalpana & Uma Jha


Fri Jan 21 2022

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2021 proved that the pandemic isn’t going to slow down the Indian D2C startups anymore and here’s why:

  1. India’s D2C economy is projected to be valued at $100 bn by 2025 💪🏻  (source: Inc42)
  2. Shark Tank India, the country's first business reality show started airing in December and is making quite a buzz on the internet 🦈

According to Sony TV, the program received over 60,000 applicants across India, out of which 198 companies were selected to present their ideas to the “sharks” aka investors on national television.

India is home to over 800 startups reigning in the consumer market, which makes the Indian D2C market an exciting place to be. (source: Inc42) Unfortunately, the D2C industry projections are not complemented by the number of startups that find the right funding to grow and innovate. 😞

While close to 100 entrepreneurs have been funded on the show over the past 3 months of shooting (source: MINT), nearly 50% of entrepreneurs went home with nothing and watching them leave after a marvelous pitch was disheartening.

One such local business was by the homely "bhabhi-nanad duo" from JhaJi Store, Kalpana & Uma Jha coming to our screens straight from Darbhanga, Bihar.

What is JhaJi Store?

In 2020, Kalpana and Uma decided it was time to share their handmade, sun-dried, traditional pickles and chutneys with customers and not just their own friends and family but, everywhere from New Delhi to New York 🗽

The ladies came to Shark Tank to introduce JhaJi Store to the sharks and secure funding to source raw materials & open a new factory in New Delhi. Even though everyone enjoyed their Achaars, they ended up not being a fan of the business opportunity.

The internet and our hearts broke 💔

But, wait...

<enter Klub>

Now, isn’t this redefining funding for local businesses? <pats self on back>

Support to digital businesses in India comes best in the shape of capital that is:

  • Founder-friendly: no equity dilution!
  • Fair: data > face value
  • Fast & Flexible

All of us at Klub were already a fan of JhaJi Store and then we got to know about their moral compass! The local brand has created employment for over 500 women in Darbhanga over the last 2 years and 10% of their profits, however meager in the beginning, get invested in girl child education in Bihar. The bhabhi-nanad duo is ambitious about making traditional Mithila savories a household name across India, by reaching 1,00,000 customers in 2021-2023.

The year started off with so much flavor, we are only excited for great things to happen for JhaJi Store. Gotta go 🏃🏻‍♀️, time to gorge on some snacks with JhaJi achaars. Everyone on the internet is doing it too!

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