Sezzle - A buy now pay later solution

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Sezzle - A buy now pay later solution


Fri Jul 09 2021

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Klub Team

Klub Team

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Over the last decade, customers have started to gravitate towards purchases on installment. With increasing uncertainty of the markets, Sezzle’s payment option provides them an opportunity to own more without an immediate strain on their purse strings.

While Klub’s pioneering product of Revenue Based Financing focuses on providing flexible and easier repayment options to brands that show potential to scale, Sezzle enhances customer experiences and purchase by providing flexible payment options. Together, we enable brands to unlock exponential growth right from ramping up marketing, inventory, working capital needs to increasing order value for each purchase.

Let’s take a look at what Sezzle  has to offer:

  • Buy now pay later provision for customers to purchase and make payments in 4 easy installments - leading to higher order value for brands
  • Sezzle pays the brands upfront, assumes all risk. Customers pay over 6 weeks.
  • Paying 1/4th of the bill amount upfront, increases the customer’s ability to purchase more

Since their inception Sezzle has seen an average growth of 15% on sales for brands that use these platforms. 25% of customers purchasing from brands integrated with the Sezzle platform have chosen this mode of payment.

Having  worked with over 500 brands across India Sezzle has upwards of 2 million end customers on their platform. Seen below are examples of brands that have benefitted from an integration with Sezzle.

Post integration, Blue Tyga saw a 25% increase in sales volume. In addition, they also noted 50% of these orders were processed by Sezzle.

Sezzle has enabled them to increase their sales by 7%. The sezzle share at checkout for this brand was recorded at 23%.

Let your brand reap the benefits of Klub’s flexible revenue based financing and increase sales through Sezzle’s  innovative and customer friendly payments option to scale!

Please reach out to us at or your brand’s PoC to avail this Klub exclusive offer.

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