The Ultimate A-Z Guide to Revenue-Based Financing

The Ultimate A-Z Guide to Revenue-Based Financing


Thu Mar 30 2023

2 min read

Klub Team

Klub Team

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Unlike Venture Capital, Revenue Based Financing is a fairly new concept. At Klub, we’re ringing in the new world - a world where debt financing is celebrated just as much as equity financing. Naturally, we take it upon our shoulders to spread the word about the pros of this shiny new method of raising capital. Here’s everything you need to know about Revenue Based Financing.

All of the equity is yours

Believe it or not 😛

Collections are done in real-time through Klub’s advanced technology

Data is your and our essence of truth

Exempts founders to take liabilities when raising funds. In other words, founders are not personally responsible for repaying the investment if the company is unable to meet its obligations.

Fast, just as this article is as you read

Grow fo sho once you have the capital you need

High-speed disbursements only

Ideally raised for working capital, inventory and/or payroll financing, and capex expenses by startups

Justice for your equity holding in the company

Keep calm and scale your brand

Let go of funding worries and focus on building

Mo money mo  ̶p̶r̶o̶b̶l̶e̶m̶s̶  solutions

No pitch decks required, in fact the…

Only thing you need is recurring revenues

Pitching? That’s so 2019

Quantums as big as your dreams💪

Repayments so flexible you’ll become a fan

Startups like Chumbak and Blusmart have already raised RBF and grown, when will you?

Turnaround time with Klub is only 2 days

Unlock your brand’s potential by spending on performance marketing with working capital

Velocity of Klub is disbursing the capital to you is as high as your brand’s potential growth

We’re bringing the heat in funding winter

X-tra top-ups every couple months🥳

Your brand deserves this, don’t trust us?

Zero hassle, only hustle

If you made it till here, congratulations! Now you know all that Revenue Based Financing has to offer.

If it sounds interesting to you, sign up here to know more.

If not, well, now at least you know the A-Z of Revenue Based Financing.

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